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What are DBX files?


DBX is a file format used by Microsoft Outlook Express application to store important data in its mailboxes.That is each email folder including Inbox,Outbox,Sent Items,etc are saved as separate DBX file in Outlook Express.All DBX files have their own file name with extension.dbx,such as inbox.dbx,sent.dbx,drafts.dbx and so on.DBX files are very reliable and contain essential emails,journals,contacts,attachments and Outlook elements.However even DBX mailboxes are not free from problems like file loss and corruption.There are numerous reasons due to which your DBX files gets deleted or lost and some of the prominent ones are listed below:

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1.Electro static power surge while using Microsoft Outlook Express application.

2.Virus infection on DBX file resulting in file corruption and eventually resulting in file loss.

3.Accidentally deleting your DBX file using Shift+Delete key combination.

4.Formatting the hard disk drive which had your DBX file by mistake.

5.Interruption while copying or moving your DBX file.

6.Microsoft Outlook Express application failure.

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