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What are JAR files?


In software field,JAR(Java ARchive)is an archive file format used to combine a number of files into a single one and to distribute application program or libraries on Java Platforms.These files are built on ZIP file format and have the file extension.jar.JAR files are secure,have small file size and improved performance.Nevertheless even these JAR files gets deleted or lost due to numerous reasons resulting in many hardships for developers and its users.Some of them are as listed below:

1.Human Mistakes:Human errors are the most common reason for deletion of JAR files.You could have shift deleted JAR files while deleting some unneeded files by mistake.

2.Format:Accidentally formatting the hard disk,USB drive or any removal where you saved Java Archive files will erase complete data from it.

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3.Virus infections:Malware/virus infection on the storage media containing your JAR file leads to corruption and loss of JAR files.

4.Power Failure:There are chances of losing JAR files due to improper system termination or power failures while creating or installing a JAR files.

5.Emptying Recycle Bin:JAR files might get deleted when users empty Recycle Bin on their Windows system without verifying its file contents.

6.In case you lost or deleted your crucial Java Archive file as a result of any unanticipated situation;then there is nothing to worry about!You can easily overcome this problem with the help of genuine file recovery software such as Dog Data Recovery.

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