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What are the ways of deleting files from Windows XP system?


Generally users delete or erase files either by pressing“Delete”key or by choosing delete option from menu by right clicking particular file.However,files deleted in this way don’t get permanently deleted from hard drive;rather they will be moved to Windows XP Recycle Bin.

If you wish,you can go to Recycle Bin and select“Restore”option to bring those deleted files back to its original location.But after deleting files some users might immediately empty Recycle Bin without checking its contents,which will result in deletion of files.

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Some users have a habit of using Cut and Paste commands from menu or Ctrl+X and Ctrl+V keyboard shortcut to move files from SD card,pen drive etc to Windowss XP or vice versa.However,using Cut and Paste commands in incorrect way or interruptions that might appear in form of power failures or system shut down before pasting the files would delete the files from Windows XP hard disk.In addition,deleting files from Windows command prompt,files bypassing Windows Recycle Bin when they exceed in size and third party tools like antivirus program are other possible reasons accountable for deletion of files from Windows XP system.

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