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What should I do if the data is lost after the computer crashes?


Many friends in the use of the computer office,have encountered a sudden computer crashes,or suddenly shut down the situation,for the reasons for this problem,many users are not very clear.Even the majority of users after the computer crashes,but also on the computer for a series of operations,only to find the operation of the computer data has been lost.So,how to make Data restoration software?Do not worry,here to teach you how to effectively carry out Data restoration software!

Computer crash

Computer crashes for the following reasons:

(1)virus damage:the computer contains viruses,Trojans and other malicious programs,resulting in damage to the computer system files,tampering with the computer home page,QQ number stolen often occur.

(2)computer error operation:Users accidentally carried out some wrong operation on the computer,resulting in the destruction of the computer system files,but also can easily lead to abnormal crashes.

(3)computer configuration is low,the user if you run a large number of programs,the system will become abnormal operation Caton,which will lead to the program does not respond to run,crashes and so on.

(4)the use of some software or test version of the unstable software lead to system bugs,resulting in poor compatibility,a computer crash.

Data Recovery

(5)hardware problems,such as poor heat dissipation,excessive dust in the computer,overclocking CPU settings,the hard disk there is a bad road,loose memory and so on.

(6)some other reasons,such as power failure,poor hardware compatibility.

After the computer crashes,it is recommended that you do not force the shutdown or directly to the battery or power off,it is easy to cause the file to be lost.When the file is lost,in the normal use of the computer,it is recommended that you use data recovery software to recover the data has been lost,the data dog during the installation process will not produce any temporary files,fully guarantee the loss of files on the computer Integrity,while ensuring the success rate of data recovery.If you are annoyed by data loss on your computer at this point,try this great data recovery software.Specific methods of operation can be referred to:how to recover lost desktop files after the computer automatically shut down.

Tips:users want to completely avoid computer crashes,to prevent data loss problems,you need to develop good habits of the computer,regularly organize the computer memory,the correct switch,to avoid any computer-caused crashes in order to effectively protect the computer Data security.
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