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Where do deleted files go on Windows 8?


There are many ways in which the file gets deleted;one is when we normally delete it using the delete button on keyboard and the other way is in which the user uses these shift+delete keys making them disappear permanently.

So when the file is deleted using the normal way its gets stored up in your Recycle Bin as this is pre programmed.Now the most common misconception is that using shift+delete will take care of the data permanently.This is not true!What happens when you delete a file is that,links that are associated with these files are removed making that space available for next digital information to be added.

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In general you can find your information in the same place in which they were stored.Data doesn’t go anywhere;it only gets overwritten as new information is being added after deleting other files.

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About this File Recovery tool:

Getting your file back after it has been deleted is not possible without using the required third party applications.The right choice here is to choose Dog Data Recovery application that will help you to get back your files without wasting much time.It has been equipped with highly effective algorithms that can extract all your deleted information from the respective drives.

This tool has been designed to support different types of file systems like NTFS,Ex-Fat,Fat16 and Fat32.After the completion of this recovery process,you can select certain types of files that have to be saved and go to the respective partition.


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