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Which file recovery tool can restore SWF files?


If you are confused about choosing which software to restore your flash files,then Dog Data Recovery would be the right choice.This tool is specially designed to identify and retrieve various types of files including SWF files.

The main advantage of using this software is that it doesn’t alter the original file structure during the file recovery process.It supports recovery of different formats of music files,videos,photos,animation files,documents,etc on Windows operating system.

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Flash File Recovery Procedure:

1.Download Dog Data File Recovery software and install the application to your Windows computer.

2.Open the software and follow the main screen procedures.

3.Use“Deleted File Recovery”option to retrieve your deleted SWF files or“Lost File Recovery”option to recover your lost SWF files.

4.Choose the drive/partition from where SWF files are to be recovered.

5.View the recoverable files in two different views,i.e.“Data View”and“File Type View”.

Data Recovery

6.Click on“Data View”option to display your files in hierarchal format and click on“File Type View”tab to display your flash files based on file extension format.

7.Toggle between the two view types,which eases your search.

8.Choose the files and folders,which you want to obtain back.

9.Preview the files before saving process.

10.At last,save your recovered files to desired storage location like hard disk,pen drives,external hard disk,CDs or even on DVDs accessible to your system.

Data Recovery                           Data Recovery


1.Don’t save the recovered files on to the same location,from where files are recovered.

2.Prevent adding new files or data to your hard drive after data loss mishap.

3.Regularly backup your important flash files onto external storage device like portable hard drive,CDs or DVDs.

4.Make your important files as read only in order to prevent accidental deletion or modification.


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