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Why Dog Data Recovery software?


Dog Data Recovery software delivers superior and intelligent recovery of files from NTFS drives.As it does not alter the data of the original file rather creates an entirely new file.Also facilitates user-friendly interface for easy and smooth recovery of files from NTFS drives.

Above all,the software is capable of recovering even the compression files and folders.Also if your hard drive is damaged due to scratches,then the software creates disk image of the hard drive by skipping the bad sectors,so that the rest of the data can be recovered easily.

1.In case,if the entire NTFS drive is corrupt or not able to boot then attach it to another computer for recovering data

2.Download and install Dog Data Recovery software

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3.Run the application and follow with the on screen messages

4.Choose from the"Deleted file recovery"and"Lost file recovery"as per the scenario

5.Pick from the list of drives–the affected NTFS drive

6.Wait until software completes its scanning procedure

7.Choose the files that you want to rescue from the NTFS drive–to avoid unwanted files

8.Preview files before storing them

9.Select the location to save the recovered files.You can also make use of the compression option

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1.Perform regular backups of your sensitive files,if possible on a daily basis

2.Before deleting a file,cross check the file for confirming your selection

3.Make critical files as read only file in order to prevent from deletion or alteration

4.Do not write any new data to the same NTFS drive from which you are recovering

5.Back up your data before file system conversion,formatting,OS re-installation or upgradation


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