DogData Recovery Enterprise 5.7

Enterprise-level data recovery software can efficiently recover lost data from PC, hard disk, server system, RAID and other storage devices.

(Compatible with Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000 and Windows Server 2016/2012/2008/2003)

Powerful Data Recovery Software for Enterprises and Organizations

Dog Data Recovery Enterprise is a convenient, safe and efficient data recovery tool, which can offer professional data recovery solutions for enterprises and organizational users. It can easily and quickly recover lost files from PCs, laptops, hard drives, servers, digital devices, RAID and other devices. And after purchasing the license, the software provides unlimited free upgrade services.

  • Support All Devices

    Support the recovery of all kinds of devices

    Recovering lost files from PCs, laptops, hard drives, USB drives, digital cameras, SD cards, and many other devices.

  • Recover Everything

    Restore all types of files

    Restore all types of missing files, including photos, e-mail, video, documents, audio, multi-file, engineering drawings and other types of file data.

  • Solve Difficult Problems

    Solve Difficulties in Recovery

    Recover lost files from any imaginable data loss including deletion, formatting, operating system crash, partition loss, virus infection, operating system upgrade and other problems.

Unlimited data recovery software for enterprise

Support unlimited activation of over 100 storage devices

After purchasing a software license, you can activate recovery programs on different storage devices without restrictions on the number of software activations within a company or an organization. And the software provides free lifetime updates and lifetime free technical support commitments.

Convenient, safe and efficient recovery

Dog Data Recovery Enterprise is an easy-to-use recovery tool with a concise and clear software interface. Even the most inexperienced users can easily and quickly use the software to recover lost files. It provides users with the capacity of previewing files before restoring files and filtering files efficiently. For security, the software program uses a read-only mode to protect the devices from damaging the original data.

Easy-to-use and Safe enterprise data recovery software

User Review

Why enterprise data recovery software is recommended for enterprises?

Data recovery software for business offers reliable file recovery software designed for enterprise which can recover lost data caused by deletion, formatting, partition loss, hard disk failure, virus attack, operating system crash, operation errors and other unknown conditions. This is more closely related to the situation of enterprise users.
Specific Performance:
1. Best Technical Services for Data Recovery Clients . We directly provide technical services to your customers to help them recover data at critical moments. In business, fast data recovery means saving money. Our competent service team can respond to all the questions quickly and make you feel more comfortable.
2.Reduced Software Licensing Cost of Enterprises
Unlimited use, preferential price and no additional cost. The technicians license allows data recovery software for enterprise to be used on all your business machines.

A brief introduction on data recovery solutions for small business

At present, there are no products in the global market that can complete the whole data recovery work. The industry usually uses a variety of tools with different functions, through the tedious combination of professional data recovery engineers to achieve data recovery. For operators who have not accepted professional training, the product lacks ease of use, versatility and efficiency. DogData Center R&D Department used many years of data recovery experience of front-line engineers to develop a. very practical "data recovery software for enterprise" which is with powerful hardware processing tools and solidifies the tedious data recovery and debugging process into a program flow. Users can complete complex data recovery work only after a short training. At present, the platform has been equipped with secret-related institutions in finance, military and research institutes, and the success rate is over 90% after user feedback. Most of the users have not had much data recovery experience before.

Advantages of this software

This software with its unique professional and convenient to help tens of millions of users and enterprises from a variety of storage devices to restore the damaged, mistakenly deleted, formatted data files, and other circumstances lost. With just a few clicks you can recover the lost data completely. The software also provides a preview, which means you can preview all the recoverable files according to the prompts of the software. Avoid unnecessary recovery trouble. In addition, the software supports more than 500 types of file recovery. 500M files can be restored free of charge for the first time!

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