Dogdata Recovery Free 5.7

Safe and reliable free data recovery software can help you recover lost, formatted or deleted files safely and effectively from PC or other mobile devices.

(Compatible with Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000 and Windows Server 2016/2012/2008/2003)

Professional Free Data Recovery Software - Quick Recovery of deleted, formatted or unavailable files

Delete the file by accident and format the whole hard disk? Take it easy! Dog Data Recovery Free, a professional free data recovery software, will help you safely and effectively recover files that have been deleted, formatted or lost in other situation. Even if you have emptied the recycle bin, professional free recovery software can help you restore empty files. In addition, it can recover files lost caused by formatting, virus attacks, system crashes, disk partition changes or other unknown reasons.

Professional Data Recovery capacity

DogData Recovery Free is an economical utility that allows you to scan local storage space or other devices to recover data.


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easy to use free data recovery software

Easy to operate and 100% safe recovery

  • Simple and clear software interface makes data recovery easy.
  • 100% security with read-only mode. It will not destroy the original data.
  • Previewing files are supported before recovery.

Professional software to help you fully recover data

DogData Recovery Free previews the files and saves the data on the hard disk the hard disk or device by scanning storage disk and devices. The recovery software is 100% safe and efficient. It provides two recovery modes, fast scan and deep scan, to help clients find and recover every impossible target file on the hard disk drive.

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Why should you choose free data recovery software windows?

Faced with many free recovery software for windows, you should choose a software like DogData Recovery. DogData Recover is a free recovery software produced by DogData, a famous global data manufacturer. Because it offers a free trial version that can be installed on the computer for free for you to enjoy free trial service. We will not charge any fees.

Secure and reliable free data recovery software windows can quickly help you recover deleted data,lost documents, formatted or deleted forms from PC or other mobile devices safely and effectively.

Three steps to find your deleted or lost data for free, which is also one of the best features of the free version.
Step 1 Install the software Step 2 Open and scan the specified file type. Step 3 Scan and preview the data you want to restore.

Which devices and versions does free data recovery software for windows support?

1.Offer the data recovery from different storage media: hard disk, CD-ROM, U disk/mobile hard disk, digital camera, mobile phone, Raid file recovery and so on. It can recover all kinds of files including documents, tables, pictures, audio and video.
2.Offer data recovery software for windows 7. It is widely used and has the largest number of users.
3.Offer data recovery software for windows 10.It is a new upgraded version of Win and the number of users is also very large.
4.Offer recovery software for windows 8. It is less than data recovery software for windows 7 and data recovery for windows 10, but there are still some computers using it.

Our DogDataRecovery free version

He will have the ability to experience 100M recovery data for free, which is very cost-effective for ordinary users. If the free experience can help you, you can purchase the genuine activation code directly in the free version and upgrade directly to the professional version. This way you get a more powerful feature experience. File Recovery: Quickly recover files that have been accidentally deleted or files that have been lost due to emptying the trash can. Save time by selecting the file format you want to restore. Formatted recovery: scans the entire partition, lists all files, is formatted for partitions, or cannot be accessed properly. It is also a supplement to file recovery. Partition recovery: scan the entire disk, get all partition information, and perform a complete and thorough scan of each partition.

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