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Word Files are Deleted From Recycle Bin Due To the Below Mentioned Facts


Emptying Recycle Bin:There are some users who keep emptying their Recycle Bin every time they log in or log out of their system.If they directly click on“Empty Recycle Bin”option without checking its contents,then they will lose not only Word documents but other files that were resided in Recycle Bin.

Mistakenly Deleting Word Documents:Sometimes you may directly select some Word files from Recycle Bin and delete it without noticing whether it is important or not and regret later.

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Recycle Bin Bypass:There is shortcut in Windows system i.e.“Shift+Delete”.If you delete files using this option,then the deleted files does not get redirected to Recycle Bin as they bypass Recycle Bin.

However,there is another option for users who have unintentionally deleted Word documents from Recycle Bin.Do you want to know how?It is so simple;you need to opt for good file recovery software like Dog Data Recovery to rescue deleted Word documents from Recycle Bin.

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About Dog Data Recovery:

Dog Data Recovery is comprehensive tool that solves all problems related to file loss.This tool is developed by team of experts keeping all the data loss situations in mind.Word documents deleted from Recycle,hard drive or other storage drives can be recovered by relying on this software.Other than Word files,you can get back MS office files,compressed files,emails,media files,etc.You can employ this tool if you have deleted files from command prompt,using shift-delete keys or cut-paste command and lost files due to any reason on Windows OS.You can see the deleted Word documents from recovered list of files.


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