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ZIP File Recovery


A ZIP is a file format used to compress files and folders,which decreases the file size and saves memory on the hard disk.This compression method is one of the most convenient way of storing and organizing data on the computer.A ZIP file helps the users to compress one or more files which can be easily transmitted over the internet.There are many advantages of a ZIP file format some of them are mentioned below:

1、The ZIP file reduces the transmission time over the internet significantly

2、Protects sensitive and important data from virus and other malwares

3、You can send executable files(.exe),which would otherwise be blocked by Outlook email client

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How to ZIP a file?

Select a file or folder which you want to ZIP->Right click on the selected file->Choose“send to”option from the menu->Select“Compressed or Zipped Folder”from the secondary menu->This will create a new Zipped folder with the same file name.

Although these files are so very popular,ZIP file loss is a major problem among Windows users.Some of the common reasons for ZIP file loss are given below:

1、Unintentionally deleting a ZIP file from the hard disk

2、Deleting a ZIP file using“Shift+Delete”key combination due to which the files fails to get stored in the recycle bin

3、Accidentally formatting a partition or a device containing the ZIP file

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4、Power failure when ZIP file in use

5、Virus attack on the ZIP file

6、Conversion of file system from FAT to NTFS resulting in ZIP file loss

7、Improper removal of a USB device containing your ZIP file

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How to Recover ZIP file?

It is certainly possible to recover your ZIP files by relying on a file recovery software.Dog Date Recovery is the right choice to recover ZIP file due to any above mentioned scenarios.The tool easily recovers compressed archive files of format ZIP,CAB,SIT,ARJ,ZOO,RPM,RAR and JAR.Not only archive files but also recovers other files such as music,pictures,documents,videos and many more.Apart from recovering files from the above mentioned scenario it also recovers files which were:

1、Removed from Recycle bin

2、Deleted and bypassed the Recycle bin

3、File loss as a result of OS up gradation

4、File deleted from any other storage device

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